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The Power of Awe, Art and Observation: Bonnie Pitman

February 11, 2020

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Awe and wonder are getting a lot of attention these days because of what happens in our brain when we experience these powerful emotional states. 

Inspiration and generosity spike and we feel more connected to the world around us.  And as a result, stress and rumination decrease.  Overall wellbeing is amplified.  The great news is that we can experience awe and wonder as part of our daily life - we just have to become more aware of what is already in our midst. 

Bonnie Pitman, with her long and distinguished history in the world of art, developed two foundational practices that support the onboarding of these states in response to a life-changing illness that she continues to navigate.  She teaches us the Do Something New and Power of Observation practices during our conversation.  


Bonnie Pitman

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Do Something New Practice

The Power of Observation Framework

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